Tyler Haney, 27, grew up playing sports. “I always worked out in stuff with neon or crazy logos. It was all screaming ‘Harder, faster, better!’” she says. But the Colorado native didn’t connect with that ultra-competitive aesthetic. So, after studying at Parsons School of Design in New York City, she launched her own brand, Outdoor Voices, in 2013. The line is about high-performance activewear with a low-key vibe: leggings, sweats and tops in soft fabrics and muted colors, for when you’re on the go or kicking back.

Striking that balance between work and play is something Haney is familiar with. While her brand has taken off, she still makes time for friends, many of whom run similarly buzzed-about wellness-minded businesses in NYC. Her squad includes Krissy Jones, 27, and Chloe Kernaghan, 27, founders of Sky Ting Yoga; and Sabrina De Sousa, 31, the restaurateur behind healthy hot spot Dimes. The group regularly meets up to get sweaty and encourage each other. “Doing activities with friends who are on similar paths recharges you,” Haney says. Here, their tips for staying energized when putting in long hours.

1. Move More

“My best ideas often occur when I’m physically moving, so I try to incorporate casual activity into everything I do, from bike commuting to walking while taking business calls,” says Haney.

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